How to arrange student accommodation from TJ Thomas Estates

How to arrange student accommodation from TJ Thomas Estates

How to arrange student accommodation – the FAQs

Nobody tells you how to arrange student accommodation but we think that they should! University is when most people move into a place of their own for the first time and it can be pretty daunting, with lots to learn and lots to remember. We keep our process pretty simple but, naturally, there are questions that come up year after year when people are wondering how to arrange student accommodation. For that reason we thought we’d take some time to prepare this guide for you.

The following is, first and foremost, a guide for how to arrange your student accommodation when you’re planning to life in Brunel Court BUT most of these points are applicable wherever you decide to live, so well worth a read even if you haven’t made your mind up yet. We hope it’s a help.

The Brunel Court guide on how to arrange student accommodation

Do I have to pay my rent for the whole term up front?

No, the vast majority of people pay their rent in instalments. Here at Brunel Court our terms are 44 or 51 weeks and we know that would be a lot of rent money to pay upfront. Instead we ask that you appoint a guarantor on your behalf. A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay the rent money if you are unable to and appointing one means we can be confident that your side of the contract will be kept up, even if university life takes its toll on your finances. Most of our tenants use their parents as their guarantor but you don’t have to.

Your guarantor must be based in the UK, so the only time someone would be asked to pay their rent upfront is if they are unable to find a guarantor living in the UK. This sometimes happens in the case of overseas students.

Are there any additional bills I need to consider?

If you’re wondering how to arrange student accommodation, one thing to be aware of is that most student specific letting agents provide a ‘bills included’ rental price. Brunel Court is no exception. There are no set bills that you have to pay over and above the price of your rent.

This said, there are two exceptions to consider. If you watch TV, live on any channel or streamed from the BBC, then you need your own television licence. This is not included in your rent. You may also wish to consider student contents insurance. You might be covered on your parents home contents insurance but it is certainly worth checking.

How do I actually go about arranging my accommodation?

First work out your budget and where you would like to live. If you see a room of ours that is within your budget get in touch with your details via the ‘book your room’ section of our website. The form on that page will guide you through all of the information that you need to submit and we will get in touch with you as quickly as we can, to talk you through your options.