For student accommodation in Preston TJ Thomas are #1

For student accommodation in Preston TJ Thomas are #1

This is how close we are to your university

If you’re on the lookout for student accommodation, Preston has no shortage but if you’re looking for the best equipped and located student accommodation Preston has to offer then Brunel Court has to rank right up there with the best.

The main university that we service is University of Central Lancashire based right here in Preston. Right over the road from us in fact. We really couldn’t be closer. Preston isn’t a huge city and we have only one university. That’s great because it means the chances are everyone you live with will be at the same uni as you, plugged into the same student nights and the same academic calendar. It also means that your commute to uni couldn’t be easier!

The most convenient student accommodation in Preston

Just a five minute walk from the University of Central Lancashire’s main campus and a stone’s throw from the city centre and train station, we couldn’t be better placed for the students of Preston, or better equipped. 370 students from all over the world call Brunel Court home every year.

Big plans for UCLAN

University of Central Lancashire is undergoing a big transformation at the moment, with £200 million of expansions happening as we speak, right over the road from Brunel Court! By 2020 there will be a number of new student services buildings and social spaces right on our doorstep. As the city’s university grows and the opportunities here grow with it the student accommodation Preston has to offer is bound to increase but you just won’t get any building as close or as vibrant and well equipped as we are.

Our facilities

Right over the road from your university you’ll find us here at Brunel Court. One site we’ve got a well equipped gym that’s completely free for our tenants to use, as well as cycle storage for those of you who prefer getting your exercise out and about. We’ve got an on-site laundrette and a great study room, so you don’t need to shut yourself up in your room to work but can head out to your own purpose built classroom.

While city centre living is great, it also comes with an increased need for two things – security and nature. We cater to both. There’s CCTV throughout the site and a 24 hour security presence, to keep you as safe as houses. We also have a large landscaped garden, so city life doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck indoors. On a sunny day you’re bound to meet all your neighbours out on the grass in this great social and study space.

So you don’t have to wander far from your room for anything when you move to Brunel Court. We’re so close to UCLAN that you could almost roll out of bed and be there and for everything that you need outside of uni, we have you covered. Fancy visiting your friends at their universities elsewhere in the country? Hop on the train within minutes.

To guarantee you get the best, most convenient and well equipped student accommodation Preston has available, complete our application form now.

How to arrange student accommodation from TJ Thomas Estates

How to arrange student accommodation from TJ Thomas Estates

How to arrange student accommodation – the FAQs

Nobody tells you how to arrange student accommodation but we think that they should! University is when most people move into a place of their own for the first time and it can be pretty daunting, with lots to learn and lots to remember. We keep our process pretty simple but, naturally, there are questions that come up year after year when people are wondering how to arrange student accommodation. For that reason we thought we’d take some time to prepare this guide for you.

The following is, first and foremost, a guide for how to arrange your student accommodation when you’re planning to life in Brunel Court BUT most of these points are applicable wherever you decide to live, so well worth a read even if you haven’t made your mind up yet. We hope it’s a help.

The Brunel Court guide on how to arrange student accommodation

Do I have to pay my rent for the whole term up front?

No, the vast majority of people pay their rent in instalments. Here at Brunel Court our terms are 44 or 51 weeks and we know that would be a lot of rent money to pay upfront. Instead we ask that you appoint a guarantor on your behalf. A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay the rent money if you are unable to and appointing one means we can be confident that your side of the contract will be kept up, even if university life takes its toll on your finances. Most of our tenants use their parents as their guarantor but you don’t have to.

Your guarantor must be based in the UK, so the only time someone would be asked to pay their rent upfront is if they are unable to find a guarantor living in the UK. This sometimes happens in the case of overseas students.

Are there any additional bills I need to consider?

If you’re wondering how to arrange student accommodation, one thing to be aware of is that most student specific letting agents provide a ‘bills included’ rental price. Brunel Court is no exception. There are no set bills that you have to pay over and above the price of your rent.

This said, there are two exceptions to consider. If you watch TV, live on any channel or streamed from the BBC, then you need your own television licence. This is not included in your rent. You may also wish to consider student contents insurance. You might be covered on your parents home contents insurance but it is certainly worth checking.

How do I actually go about arranging my accommodation?

First work out your budget and where you would like to live. If you see a room of ours that is within your budget get in touch with your details via the ‘book your room’ section of our website. The form on that page will guide you through all of the information that you need to submit and we will get in touch with you as quickly as we can, to talk you through your options.

Christmas events in Preston

The Best Christmas Events in Preston

The party season is almost upon us, this year’s work will soon be done and it will be time to relax, maybe head home for the holidays but most definitely get out there and get festive with friends. Deck the student halls with coats and brollies, brave the cold and get out there to our pick of some of the best Christmas events in Preston, this year, for students. And if there’s something fabulous that you’re heading to that we’ve missed, please add it to the comments section.

Student Wednesdays at Evoque

You can relax; everybody’s favourite student night is set to continue right throughout December and into the new year. It’s almost guaranteed that Student Wednesdays at Evoque will get increasingly festive, the closer we get to the big day, so you can pretty much do what you do every week, head down to Church Street, and get your Christmas fix that way.

December’s Wednesdays include 1st, 5th and 12th but the 19th will be the last session before Christmas Day and most definitely the biggest pre-Christmas student bash. If you stay in Preston over the holidays, you can also head down to Student Wednesdays on Boxing Day, when drinks will be there usual £1 all night! You can’t do better than that for a big Boxing day party!

From 11pm every Wednesday at Evoque, Church Street.

Bad Manners and Ska Face Christmas Party

Preston Guild Hall has one of the biggest Christmas parties of 2018 happening Friday 14th. Ska legends Bad Manners will be live on stage with Ska Face, a ten piece ska band with a combined age of over 450.

This event is not to be missed and has even been upgraded to a larger venue, due to demand. Tickets are priced from £22 and available from Get ’em while you can!

S2S Clubland Boxing Day

Everyone needs a good plan of action for Boxing Day. Preston Guild Hall has you covered this year as a night of Clubland dance music comes to get you. Can you keep it moving for a full 10 hours of dancing?! We’ll soon find out.

With three rooms of top tunes, tickets are on sale now with prices from £22 for standard and £27 for VIP. Book now via

6pm – 4am, Boxing Day at Preston Guild Hall

Disco Mofo

Last but not least, we thought we’d include the first event that we can technically call a Christmas party, because it’s on 1st December. If you favour a spot of disco and a helping of house music, get yourself to Disco Mofo at fancy cocktail bar Fives on Guildhall Street. Just £6 in. Tickets on sale now from Skiddle.

The best Christmas events in Preston, perfect for students!

And there you have it, your Christmas festivities sorted thanks to Brunel Court!

student accommodation in Preston

When is The Best Time to Start Looking For Student Accommodation?

Finding the best student accommodation can make all the difference to your time at university. Moving away from home and living independently can be a huge life event for most, so it’s important that the new place you call ‘home’ makes you feel comfortable. Looking for student accommodation that has everything you need to make your university experience comfortable and fulfilling can be difficult, plus, how do you know when to start looking for student accommodation? If you’re choosing to study in Preston then Brunel Court can answer all you question about student accommodation in Preston.

When to start looking for student accommodation in Preston?

There will be thousands of students competing at the same time to secure the best accommodation, so it’s best to look in advance. Whether you’re looking for new accommodation for the following year or would like a change of scenery for the next semester there’s no time like the present to look for accommodation. January is the start of the next semester so it’s worthwhile getting in touch with our team by calling today on 01772 886675 to find out if there is any accommodation available in time for your next semester.

Looking for student accommodation in Preston at the beginning of the new year will mean you can avoid the stress of frantically looking for a place to stay during the busy period in spring/summer. You have more time to find a place that’s just right for you and time to gather a group of flatmates.

Spring/summer is a time when the very best of student properties are taken, but if you’ve had a head start in January you’re more likely to secure your favourite. The moral of the story – the sooner you look, the less disappointed you’ll be!

Why choose Brunel Court for your next student accommodation?

Brunel Court doesn’t just give you a roof over your head, we make sure that we contribute to your entire university experience by giving you the facilities you need for a comfortable stay and a successful university career. Brunel Court offers fully furnished contemporary apartments with modern facilities to share with flatmates, or if you prefer to live indepently we also offer studio apartments.

student apartments at Brunel Court

Our entire building is designed with modern students in mind having installed facilities that make student life easier such as a study room, gym, car park and landscape gardens to unwind in, plus much more! We also give you peace of mind with 24 hour onsite security presence.

We have accommodation to suit everyone so to ensure that you secure your perfect apartment get in touch today to book a viewing.

Stress Awareness Week

Coping With Stress at University

This week is International Stress Awareness Week, so we thought we would take the opportunity to consider a topic that may be very present for some of you, at some point in your university career, that being stress and how to cope with it.

If you’re feeling, or have ever felt, stressed, or even if you would just like to learn some simple ways to insulate yourself against feeling stressed in the future, please read on.

Identifying signs of stress

Perhaps the first thing we should all ask ourselves during Stress Awareness Week is ‘am I feeling stressed?’ and once we have asked ourselves this, an important follow up question is ‘how would I know if I was feeling stressed?’.

That second question sounds daft doesn’t it? I’d know if I was feeling stressed because I’d be feeling stressed, surely. Well, yes, that’s true to an extent but what if I’m so busy that I’ve been running on autopilot all week? If I’ve barely had time to feed myself properly, I probably haven’t stopped to consider how I’m feeling either. I could be having all kinds of feelings without consciously realising. Taking time to notice how I’m feeling is as important as taking time to eat regularly; if I don’t, I’ll become disconnected from my experiences and my stress levels could rise dangerously without me even knowing, potentially leading to emotional breakdown or illness.

Consciously asking yourself how you’re feeling and giving your body and mind time to answer is called mindfulness. It is particularly important to practice mindfulness when you notice signs of stress, such as not sleeping properly, feeling as though you don’t have time to eat well or look after yourself, or feeling more emotional than usual but even if you’re feeling great, mindfulness is an important life skill.

You can bring mindfulness to your experience any time. This simply means noticing how you’re feeling and not judging what you find. Try sitting comfortably, with your eyes open or closed, and bringing your awareness to each area of your body in turn. You might notice things like ‘my feet are cold’, ‘my heart is beating’, ‘my head is full of thoughts’. Alternatively your awareness might go straight to an area of the body that’s aching or uncomfortable. Just notice what you find. Try not to judge or label it and try to stay with the way it feels, rather than getting carried away with the story of why it feels that way.

If you do nothing else this Stress Awareness Week, give this exercise a try.

Identifying stressors

If you find that you are stressed then mindfulness can absolutely help but it is also important to find ways of managing the things that made you that way in the first place. A certain amount of stress is normal – we all need to sit exams, work and do other things that will place us under manageable amounts of stress. However, it’s important to identify the stress we’re under to make sure that it is manageable and take steps to change our situation when it gets too much.

So ask yourself, ‘what are my stressors?’ or ‘what stresses me out?’. While you’re at uni, you’re going to have to sit exams but if you find that your optional activities are putting you under stress too, maybe you could decide to take a break from them during exam time, to make life more manageable.

Stress Awareness Week

The topic of focus for International Stress Awareness Week 2018 is ‘does hi-tech cause high stress?’. This is another great question to ask yourself. Looking at a screen late at night can over stimulate the brain and affect sleep. Texts from friends and family can reduce stress by helping you feel supported and connected BUT they also have the potential to wake you up at night or distract you from your work. Perhaps something as simple as turning your phone off for the hours you’re in bed, or not watching TV late at night, could reduce unnecessary stress.

If you feel that you need additional help or support, begin by asking in university. Most universities have a student support team. Some even offer mindfulness, or other forms of emotional support. If you would prefer to look outside of uni, the great news is that there are lots of groups, events, workshops and courses happening in Preston all the time, that could help you to limit and cope with stress.

Why not make Stress Awareness Week 2018 the week you take action against stress?


Halloween events Preston 2018

The Spookiest Student Halloween Events in Preston

Halloween is arguably one of the busiest nights of the year, particularly for students, so don’t hide away this Halloween as there are so many spooktacular events being hosted across Preston that should not be missed! It’s the perfect opportunity to let loose with your Brunel Court flatmates and have a night out like no other. Expect terrorific costumes, frightfully cheap drinks and unBOOlievable live music as Preston throws the biggest fright nights this Halloween! Read our guide to the best Halloween events Preston has to offer.

Halloween events Preston

Many of Preston’s nightclubs are throwing some fantastic Halloween parties which are always well received by students. Here are some of the best Halloween specials from Preston’s top nightclubs.

Evoque Preston    

Evoque nightclub The Asylum ft. Fatman Scoop event

Saturday 27th October is one of the biggest nights of the Halloween season and Evoque is going all out for this night with The Asylum ft. Fatman Scoop event. Fatman Scoop will be hosting the event and you can expect drinks as cheap as £1.00, and a variety of music including some Halloween classics.

On All Hallows Eve, Evoque is hosting another Halloween special with their SIN presents The Asylum event with a live performance from Ellie Sax, dancers, confetti cannons plus a whole lot more to make your fright night one to remember!

Switch Nightclub

Switch nightclub Thriller @ Switch Halloween Special

On Saturday 27th October Switch Nightclub is hosting their own Halloween party with guest DJ, SKT and tickets are just £5.00!

Wednesday 31st October is when things get even more spooky at Switch as they host a Thriller night. Thriller @ Switch Halloween Special is one of Preston’s biggest Halloween fancy dress parties with 3 rooms playing frightening anthems and a live scare maze!

Preston Guild Hall

Preston Guild Hall s2s a journey through dance music event

Preston Guild Hall is also joining in on the Halloween fun by hosting a Halloween special event on Saturday 27th October called ‘s2s a journey through dance music’. This event will see live PAs and live DJs from some huge names including, Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago, Anton Powers, Rachel McFarlane, Micky Modelle, plus many, many more! This is set to be one of the biggest events this Halloween.

Preston has you covered for your Halloween night out!

Whether you choose to have a house party this Halloween or venture out and experience the fright-night life, Preston is the place to do this. Start off your night in your Brunel Court accommodation with friends and end it at the best Halloween events Preston has to offer!

Check out our student deals blog for offers on travelling around the city and food treats for your end of the night takeaway.

The Best Student Deals in Preston

The Best Student Deals in Preston

Welcome freshers and welcome back everyone else!

Brunel Court is home to 400 students, so we know a few things about student life in our city. Here is our guide to the best student deals we know of, running in Preston for 2018.

Food and Drink

Pizza student deals

Let’s start with what we know is important to you – getting fed and watered with the best of what’s on offer at the lowest possible price. We know our audience! Here are the best of the best student deals in Preston on food and drink this year.

25% off food at Prezzo

Prezzo Italian restaurant offers 25% off your food bill for tables of up to 4 people with valid NUS cards, Sunday – Thursday.


Continuing the Italian theme, get a whopping 35% off your Domino’s pizza order when you spend £25 or more! Must be registered with Student Beans.

Things to do

Escape Room Preston

There is plenty to do here in Preston, when you’re not studying hard, and with a whole load of student discounts on some great activities you can save money on lots of them too. Here are a few of the best deals for students in Preston that we have found.

Escape Room Preston

Work as a team and test your problem solving skills at this quirky night, or day out with a difference. Get 15% off the price of Escape Room Preston with your student card.

Odeon Cinemas

With money off 2D, 3D, food, drink and more, the student discounts at Preston’s Odeon Cinema are too wide and varied to list but, if you fancy the flicks, you can find out what’s on, discover the associated discount on their website.


travel student deals Preston

Going out to eat, drink and be merry is important but how you get there is just as important. Here are a few discounts on travelling in our city.

TransPennine Express

If you’re under 26, or a mature student in full-time education you can get yourself a student railcard that will get you great savings on most train travel throughout the country, including a whopping 50% off when you buy Transpennine Express tickets in advance of your journey (rather than at the station).

Student Driving School

With a great team of male and female instructors and a free introductory hour’s lesson for just £10, lots of local Preston students learn to drive with Student Driving School. You can check out their current offers on their website.


beauty deals Preston

Away from home, with all of these nights out and new people to meet, university is a time of reinvention, when looking your best is important. Thankfully, there are plenty of great deals out there to help you save a few pounds while you do.


Going for the chop or just keeping on top of your roots? Get yourself 10% off the already very reasonable prices at Supercuts with your NUS card.

Elements Hair and Beauty Training School

Preston’s College is home to its own hair and beauty training school and while it doesn’t offer a student discount, as such, you can get yourself a cut and blow dry from a supervised student hairdresser for just £5! You can’t say fairer than that!


Take Advantage of These Student Deals in Preston

Of course, with students now making up a huge proportion of Preston’s residents you’d be hard pushed to find a business in this city that doesn’t offer you a discount! If you find any particularly good ones that you’d like to share, please add it as a comment below, we’d love to hear them! 

Preston Freshers Week 2018

Preston Freshers Week 2018

As Preston freshers week approaches, there are lots of events due to be taking place around this area. Freshers week is one of the highlights of university life so take advantage of it while you can. Here’s our guide to exactly what is going on around the area, and how you can make this week one to remember!

Preston Freshers Week


Sunday 16th September

Switch foam party

The first of these Preston freshers week events being held is the annual freshers foam party, taking place in Switch nightclub on Sunday the 16th of September, from 10pm to 4am. This is the longest standing event of freshers, and let’s be honest, it’s hard to argue against a foam party being the best way to kick off your freshers week. Equipped with the biggest foam cannons in the UK from Magaluf, there will be 3 rooms of music, all guaranteed to have you dancing until it shuts at 4am.

If this isn’t for you, then there is a UV glow rave happening on the same night playing commercial student anthems, it didn’t take place last year and there was real demand for it so it has been brought back. There will be free face and body paint and glow sticks, and you’re to wear all white in this glow in the dark rave.

Monday 17th September

Switch Monday Mayhem

The following day, Danny T is DJing Switch nightclub for Monday Madness! This is the biggest student session of the week, and each of the 3 rooms in the club will play different types of music. Fire will be home to all the club anthems, crazy lighting, c02 cannons and a lot of special effects. Pop will be having a pop party, while there is a giant ball pool and karaoke booths to keep the party going. In Bass, Radio 1’s DJ Stylus will be playing everything urban, so there’s definitely going to be something for everyone. This is open from 10pm to 4am.

Tuesday 18th September

Switch S Club Party

There will be two events happening on Tuesday the 18th, one of which is Clubland Live presents Schoolies. Taking place in Preston Guild Hall, Preston’s favourite fancy dress event will see everyone in their school outfits as you’re taken back to the original school discos. There will be multiple Clubland legends performing live such as Kelly Llorenna, Ultrabeat and more. Expected to see 2000 students, this will be a night to remember. The other event on this night is Schoolies Detention in Switch nightclub which will be hosted by S Club Party. Again, the dress code is school uniform as this is detention, and no one’s leaving until 6am!

Wednesday 19th September

Ballers Basshunter

The night after, Basshunter is calling all students to Ballers Sports Bar. Basshunter will be throwing a huge party at the brand new two floor American sports bar direct from the strip in Vegas! With drinks priced at 89p and a built-in rodeo bull, this night is sure to be an absolute blast. Be sure to wear casual attire and get there between 10pm and 4am, you don’t want to miss this!

Thursday 20th September

Thursday the 20th is set to be a big night in Rift bar, playing everything from house and R&B to grime and garage music. Love Island contestant Jack Fowler will be making an appearance so make sure you grab a selfie, and a drink (come on, they’re 99p)! Make sure you get there early as it’s quite a small venue and is set to be at capacity very quickly.

Friday 21st September

Ex Geordie shore star Joel Corry will be bringing his bangers over to Switch on Friday the 21st for a night with an electric atmosphere, there’s no excuse to stay home and have a quiet one. Drinks are £1, and the three rooms in Switch will all be occupied by Preston’s best DJ lineup from 10pm until 4am. Dress casual, and prepare for a great night!

Saturday 22nd September

Switch Saturdays

The night of Saturday the 22nd has a lot in store. Switch nightclub will be home to Iyaz, and expect him to perform all his hit singles. Switch has had more than its fair share of chart topping acts perform in the club since it opened last August, such as Bugzy Malone, Lethal Bizzle, Cascada and Yxng Bane. The drinks will be £2, and it’s 2 for 1 cocktails all night. Open from 10pm to 4am, casual attire, be there or be square!

Sunday 23rd September

The next night, in Preston Guild Hall, there is an inflatable party. At this fun house they have bouncy castles, bungee runs, rodeo bulls and gladiator jousts. This has got to be the most fun inflatable party you will go to, and you can only find it in Preston. There will be stage games, party anthems and a lot more madness! Dress casually and ladies don’t wear heels for this one.

On the same night, DJ Stylus is set to be ‘doin’ bits’ at Rift. Downstairs will be playing R&B, urban and garage music, and the attik will have tech and house. Drinks will be £1.50 all night, and Kendall from Love Island will also be there, so get a cocktail and enjoy yourself! Both of these events will be taking place from 10pm to 4am.


Enjoy freshers week with your Brunel Court flatmates

Brunel Court is located close to all of these Preston freshers week events with many of the nightclubs being easily accessible from your student accommodation. This is the perfect time to socialise and get to know your new flatmates. If you haven’t yet, call us today on 01772 886675 to secure your student accommodation.

Things to do in Preston for students

Things to do in Preston for Students

Moving to a new city to study can be daunting but finding things to do to socialise with your new friends makes this transition a lot easier. Preston has a whole host of  attractions, many of which are free so you’ll never be stuck for ideas. If you do get some free time from studying make sure you visit these top things to do in Preston, plus Brunel Court is ideally located close to many of these attractions so you won’t have to travel far.


Inspiration at The Harris Museum and Art Gallery

Harris Museum Preston

When studying and living in a new city it’s important to get a sense of the history and culture, and if you’re looking for some intellectual inspiration museums are always a good place to start. The Harris Museum and Art Gallery is full of Preston’s history and culture and is a space to be creative. If you’re studying a creative subject this museum will offer lots of FREE inspiration with its many exhibitions and activities that you can get involved in.


Entertainment at Preston Guild Hall

Preston Guild Hall

If you’re looking for things to do in Preston that involve drinking, dining, dancing and drama then look no further than Preston Guild Hall. This venue is home to many, many events, shows and restaurants including comedy shows, live music, sport and much more! Visiting Preston Guild Hall is a great relief from studying and will provide an evening of memories and well earned fun!


Unwind at Preston Docks and Marina

Preston docks

Preston docks is the perfect place to unwind and gather your thoughts. University life can be a bit overwhelming at times but when you have beautiful scenery a stone’s throw away from your accommodation it can be a real stress reliever. The marina is often full of yachts and barges and is the perfect setting to stroll and dine.


Meet Friends at Fishergate Shopping Centre

Fishergate Shopping Centre

When starting university you need a fresh wardrobe for the term ahead and where better to spend your student loan in Preston than at Fishergate Shopping Centre. Not only can you get the latest fashions from the fantastic range of shops, it’s also a great meeting place for friends as there are many places to eat and drink.


Experience Preston’s Nightlife

Evoque nightclub

A city’s nightlife is a big part of university life and Preston has lots of popular clubs and bars including the famous nightclub, The Warehouse, Evoque and the Adelphi which is a popular student bar in the heart of the university campus offering live music, karaoke, quizzes and events.   


There are plenty of things to do in Preston!

The benefits of being based in Brunel Court is that we have all of these attractions on our doorstep. Brunel Court has everything you need on site with many facilities, a common room and garden area but if you want to branch out there is so much to see in Preston.

If you’re studying in Preston and need accommodation, Brunel Court is the number one choice so get in touch with us today by calling 01772 886675 to book a viewing and see for yourself what this area has to offer.